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Torrington Area

Model Railroaders

Photo Gallery

Inside Our Club house Inside Our Club house Inside Our Club House 75541192 N-Scale Modular Layout One of the end modules 75541188 N-Scale Module Small Town USA 75541189 N-Scale Module Another view of Small Town USA 75772697 N-Scale Module Freigth Yard. 75541190 N-Scale Module Frieght Yard. 75541191 N-Scale Layout View of a section of the layout. 75541197 N-Scale Module Inside Corner displays a beautiful and very detail Quarry. 75541194 N-Scale Module Closer look at the Inside Corner Quarry. 75772694 N-Scale Module Quarry 75541196 N-Scale Layout Another shot of the N-Scale Layout 75541195 N-Scale Module Industries along the mainline. 75772693 N-Scale Module 75772692 N-Scale Module New section under construction, the plan is to have a helix to go over a shelf type yard. 75772737 N-Scale Module New section. 75772738 N-Scale Layout Tim Sweeney our Vice President and N-Scale Chairperson adding details to an N-Scale Module. Tim is an excellent modeler and is always busy with the layout. 75541205 N-Scale Layout Shot of the N-Scale Modular Layout along the back wall of the building 75541200 G-Scale Layout Located in the center area of the room our G-Scale is also a modular layout. 75541201 G-Scale Layout 75541198 G-Scale Layout Scenery on one of the G-Scale Corners 75772707 G-Scale Layout There is always work inside the G-Scale. 75772708 G-Scale Layout Some of the buildings and scenery. 75772709 G-Scale Layout Some of the equipment at the G-Scale layout. 75541202 G-Scale Layout Overview of the layout 75541203 HO Scale Layout Overview of the HO Layout. 75541199 HO Scale Country scene 75772685 HO Scale You could see the Thomaston Train Station at the distance in this nice shot of the mailine 75772687 HO Scale The club owns the four corner, the Quarry is one of the original modules in the layout, the rest of the corners have been rebuilt and scenic by club members. 75772719 HO Scale The pit at Slate Quarry. 75772681 HO Scale Heavy equipment at the Quarry. 75772684 HO Scale Water tank truck. 75772720 Ho Scale Club Quarry. 75772683 HO Scale Club Quarry. 75772721 Ho Scale Club Quarry. 75772717 HO Scale BNSF Freight near the Slate siding 75772700 HO Scale Farm along the main line, nice module by John Lang 75772699 HO Scale This is another club own module. The Mill scene of a fire includes details of flames inside, smoke and fire equipment. Nice work by Tim Sweeney. 75772701 HO Scale Another view of the fire scene. 75772703 HO Scale Corner Mill Building. 75772704 HO Scale Hanes Mill, this is part of the club corner nicely decorated by Tim Sweeny 75772712 HO Scale 75772711 HO Scale Kentucky Fried Chicken building at the Corner Module. 75772714 HO Scale Street scene at Dave Ware module. Nice details added by Tim Sweeney. 75772705 HO Scale Street scene at Dave Ware module 75772710 HO Scale A replica of the Thomaston Train Station, in Thomaston,CT by Roger Moreau 75772698 HO Scale Thomaston Train Station model by Roger Moreau 75772723 HO Scale Vulcan Manufactures, part of the scrap yard module. 75772706 HO Scale Small industry module by Jeff Hanke. 75772715 HO Scale 75772716 HO Scale Torrington Train Station. This module is a replica of the actual train station in town. Kevin Hale scratch build this passenger station using pictures and blue prints of the original station. 75772689 HO Scale Passenger platform at the Torrington Station. 75772688 HO Scale Close view of the ticket vindow 75772725 HO Scale 75772727 HO Scale 75772726 HO Scale Local freight passing in front of the Torrington Station. 75772696 HO Scale Overpass bridge over the mainline 75772722 HO Scale MSL Cargo Facility, new module by Junior member Louie Segarra. 75772690 HO Scale Louie added some nice details like parking lines, grass and flowers to the main entrance. 75772736 HO Scale United Concrete is part of the Piedmont Industrial, this set of four modules by Luis Segarra and Fran Richard represents a very busy industrial area 75772740 HO Scale 75772741 HO Scale Grain Elevator at the Piedmont Subdivision 75772742 HO Scale Allied warehouse building part of the scenery at another of the Club Corner, buildings were provided by Luis Segarra and scenery by Fran Richard 75772744 HO Scale Hercules Manufacturer's. 75772746 HO Scale The blob serves as a temporary yard for some of our member's equipment 75772735 HO Scale Another view of the blob. 75772734 HO Scale The Blob, is a permanent yard with a passing main line that allows us to run a full loop 75772732